“ definition of recycling ”



Our Mission is to help Environment by Recycling all types of plastic waste with Quality Machine with less power consumption & less maintenance.

Our Mission is to Recycle of all type of Mix Plastic Waste generated by common man in day-to-day uses. Mix Plastic from Municipal Solid Waste can be process & make useful Products from it.

Our Mission is to make City neat & clean with Recycle mix Plastic waste and make Plastwud from it.

Mile stone :

Plasticon Award 2015 (Innovative In recycling Technology)

Sujana Excellence Award 2013 (Innovation in Engineering Technology)
Plasticon Award 2012 (Innovative in Recycling Technology)
Top SME – 100 Award 2012 (Small & Medium Enterprise)
National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Innovative Technology in Plastic Waste management)
National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Mix Plastic Waste to Plastwud)
Plasticon Award 2005 (Innovative In recycling Technology)